Land Surface Temperature

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Planet’s Land Surface Temperature (LST) is a feed of high-resolution, globally available measurement of the skin temperature of the Earth. Combining observations from a range of satellite constellations, Land Surface Temperature is not hindered by clouds, ensuring a continuous, consistent and scientifically reliable data record of more than 20 years. Consequently, there is no requirement to uphold extensive networks of physical sensors. This Planetary Variable measures the temperature twice a day (daytime and nighttime) with a spatial resolution of 100 m and 1000 m, providing vital intelligence about our nexus food/water system, and urban living conditions.


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100m and 1000m

Geographical coverage


Temporal availability

100 m (July, 1st 2017 - Present)1000 m (June, 15th 2002 - October 4th 2011 (AMSRE) July, 25th 2012 - Present (AMSR2))

Update Frequency

Above 50 degrees latitude:2 obs. daily at 01:30 and 13:30. At the equator:at least ±180 obs. at 01:30 and ±180 obs. at 13:30 observations annually.

Band Information

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