High-Resolution Snow & Ice Monitoring; River and Lake Ice Extent S1+S2

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The River and Lake Ice Extent S1+S2 (RLIE S1+S2) product is part of the Copernicus Land Monitoring Service (CLMS), pan-European High Resolution Snow and Ice Monitoring (HR-S&I) Ice product suite.The River and Lake Ice Extent (RLIE) products measure the presence of ice in rivers and lakes described by the EU-HYDRO network database, in particular the area of snow-free or snow-covered ice. The RLIE S1+S2 product is computed from the combination of RLIE S1 and RLIE S2 products.The RLIE S2 product from a given day is gap-filled using the RLIE S1 information from the same day. Because the RLIE S1+S2 is only produced when RLIE S2 and RLIE S1 products are aquired on the same day, it is delivered in delayed-time for the entire EEA39 zone at a spatial resolution of 20 m x 20 m. More information about the RLIE S1+S2 product methodology and workflow is outlined in the product user manual. A detailed explanation about the accuracy of the product can be found in the quality assessment report.

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Geographical coverage

Europe (Lat; 34N 66N Lon; -26W 44E)

Temporal availability

September 1, 2016 - ongoing

Update Frequency

Delayed time, when S1 and S2 are acquired on the same day

Band Information

NameDescriptionUnitsRangeSentinel Hub UnitsDigital RangeNo data
RLIERiver and lake ice extentNot applicableNot applicableDN1, 100, 205, 254255
QCQuality layer providing basic assessment of RLIE qualityNot applicableNot applicableDN0 - 3, 205255
QCFLAGSQuality flagsbit; Additional info here.1 - 8Not applicableNot applicableNot applicable

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Sentinel Hub

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