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Global Land Cover products at 100 m resolution are delivered annually by the global component of the Copernicus Land Service. The most recent collection 3 (version 3.0.1) of 100 m Land Cover products for the years 2015 - 2019 were generated from the PROBA-V 100 m and 300 m satellite observations and several other ancillary datasets with global coverage. These Land Cover products provide a main discrete land cover classification map according to UN-FAO Land Cover Classification System LCCS. Additional continuous fractional layers for all basic land cover classes which give the percentage of a 100 m pixel that is filled with a specific land cover class, are also included in the Land Cover products to provide more detailed information on each land cover class.

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Geographical coverage

Global coverage of land surface area with longitude from 180°W to 180°E and latitude from 78.25°N to 60°S.

Temporal availability

2015 - ongoing

Update Frequency


Band Information

Discrete_Classification_mapmain discrete land cover classification according to FAO LCCS scheme
Discrete_Classification_probaClassification probability, a quality indicator for the discrete classification
Forest_Type_layerForest type for all pixels where tree cover fraction is bigger than 1 %
Bare_CoverFraction_layerFractional cover (%) for the bare and sparse vegetation class
Crops_CoverFraction_layerFractional cover (%) for the cropland class
Grass_CoverFraction_layerFractional cover (%) for the herbaceous vegetation class
MossLichen_CoverFraction_layerFractional cover (%) for the moss & lichen class
Shrub_CoverFraction_layerFractional cover (%) for the shrubland class
Snow_CoverFraction_layerFractional cover (%) for the snow & ice class
Tree_CoverFraction_layerFractional cover (%) for the forest class
BuiltUp_CoverFraction_layerFractional cover (%) for the built-up class
PermanentWater_CoverFraction_layerFractional cover (%) for the permanent inland water bodies class
SeasonalWater_CoverFraction_layerFractional cover (%) for the seasonal inland water bodies class
DataDensityIndicatorData density indicator showing quality of the EO input data (0 = bad, 100 = perfect data)
Change_Confidence_layerQuality layer regarding the change detection of the current mapped year to the previous mapped year.

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