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The purpose of the Medium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (MERIS) on the ESA ENVISAT mission was primarily, to aid in Ocean Colour Observations, and secondary, to aid the understanding of the atmospheric parameters associated with clouds, water vapour and aerosols. Additionally, MERIS broadened its scope to land surface parameters, in particular, vegetation processes. Therefore, MERIS monitors changes in ocean parameters (phytoplankton, yellow substance, suspended matter), atmosphere (water vapour, CO2, clouds, aerosols), and land (vegetation index, global coverage, moisture etc.). MERIS has a high spectral and radiometric resolution and a dual spatial resolution of 260m x 290m over land and coastal regions and reduced resolution of 1040m x 1160m over ocean. It acquires data with 3 days revisit time and in 15 spectral bands whose width and location can be programmed by ground command. The data is available from June 2002 to April 2012.


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Full resolution : 260m across, 290m along track
Reduced resolution: 1040m across, 1160m along track

Geographical coverage

Ocean and Land
90 N, -90 S, -180 W, 180 E

Temporal availability

June 2002 - April 2012

Update Frequency

Archived data

Band Information

BandCentre Wavelength(nm)Bandwidth(nm)Application
B01412.510Yellow substance and detrital pigments
B02442.510Chlorophyll absorption maximum
B0349010Chlorophyll and other pigments
B0451010Suspended sediment, red tides
B0556010Chlorophyll absorption minimum
B0662010Suspended sediments
B0766510Chlorophyll absorption and fluorescence reference
B08681.25 7.5Chlorophyll fluorescence peak
B09708.7510Fluorescence reference, atmospheric corrections
B10753.757.5Vegetation, cloud
B11760.625 3.75Oxygen absorption R-branch
B12778.7515Atmosphere corrections
B1386520Vegetation, water vapour reference
B1488510Atmosphere corrections
B1590010Water vapour, land


All Envisat MERIS products, in accordance with ESA Earth Observation Data Policy, are freely available to users. T & C



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